Our Mission

Battle Buddies is a nonprofit organization that seeks to raise the spirits of pediatric cancer patients IN METRO CHICAGO by pairing them with LOCAL young adult volunteers who meet with them on a biweekly basis.   Our goal is to provide a break from the hardships and stress involved in battling cancer and allow them to hang out and kick back with a buddy. During these interactions, partners can color, play games, read books, and talk.

Our Story 

We are a group of five seniors that attend Lake Forest High School, and are enrolled in the Business Incubator course. Our class focuses on creating companies from scratch using the Lean Process.  We have all be closely touched by cancer in our own different ways. We are extremely excited with what our company provides and the impactful relationships that will come out of it. 

                                                                                                                                                                      Ashley Bufe, Collin Thiergart, Jennifer Leeson, Tate Dahlgren, Katie Abdallah 


CALL US: 224-544-9892